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View real time financial information
Know up to the minute how much revenue each kiosk is generating.

Access codes
Create access codes for sale, or allow customers to save time to use at any location.

Kiosk usages
View all kiosk usages, as well as payment types and accounts used/created.

  • Increased revenues
  • Track financial information
  • Bonus time features
  • Stored balances
  • Reduces maintenance
  • What is an account ?
    An account is a record in the database with information about a user. Depending on the mode in which you use NetstopPro, the balance may be stored as a number of minutes or as an amount of money. A user name and password can also be associated with an account. Therefore there are two ways an account can be used: by entering an access code or by entering a user name and password. Access Codes can also be stored on magnetic cards. When the user swipes the card, the balance is automatically retrieved from the database server.

    How are accounts created?
    Accounts can be automatically generated at the terminal when a credit card payment or cash payment is made.

    Accounts can also be created using AccountPro - up to 500 accounts at a time.

    What types of account can be created with AccountPro?
    The type of account created will depend on the Payment Mode used at your terminals:

    Prepaid Minutes and Pages:
    for this mode, you would specify the number of minutes and pages included with the account.

    Prepaid Minutes (Printing Charged as Minutes):
    This mode is similar to the previous one except that printing is charged as minutes instead of maintaining a separate balance. Therefore you would only specify the number of minutes.

    Prepaid Amount:
    In this mode, you would specify the balance as an amount instead of as a number of minutes. Therefore you would leave the number of minutes and pages as zero.

    Accounts can be created so that the balance is reset to a specified number of minutes/pages or to a specific amount balance daily. To setup that type of balance you would specify a value in Added Daily and uncheck Cumulative. If you check Cumulative, then the value in Added Daily will be added to the current balance every day (instead of resetting it to that value).

    An account can be created with either a specific expiry date or with a number of days for which it will be valid from the first time it is first used.
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