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View real time financial information
Know up to the minute how much revenue each kiosk is generating.

Access codes
Create access codes for sale, or allow customers to save time to use at any location.

Kiosk usages
View all kiosk usages, as well as payment types and accounts used/created.

  • Increased revenues
  • Track financial information
  • Bonus time features
  • Stored balances
  • Reduces maintenance
  • New Features in Version 2
    We have added many new features to WebStats to add usefulness and value to our customers. Here is a list of new features added to WebStats:

  • Faster report creation.
  • New design.
  • Easier to use.
  • Create and edit Username/password accounts.
  • Change kiosk descriptions.
  • Generate Excel spreadsheets for download.
  • View colorful graphs from reports.
  • View your kiosk registration codes.
  • More features are planned for future releases, Sign up today!

    Why use choose webstats? What does it offer?
  • Increase revenues with proven higher sales average
  • Bonus time feature gives users an incentive to make $5 and $10 purchases
  • Stored balances insures that customers will come back to your locations
  • Eliminate coin & cash acceptors - saves you $$$
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Use one payment kiosk for multiple kiosk operations
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