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View real time financial information
Know up to the minute how much revenue each kiosk is generating.

Access codes
Create access codes for sale, or allow customers to save time to use at any location.

Kiosk usages
View all kiosk usages, as well as payment types and accounts used/created.

  • Increased revenues
  • Track financial information
  • Bonus time features
  • Stored balances
  • Reduces maintenance
  • These features and more, including generating graphs, many new reports, change descriptions of kiosks, create username/password accounts online, and much more!

    Account Pro allows you to create bulk access codes, for fast creation of accounts. Account Pro will also allow you to view any access codes you currently have, and allow you to edit or delete them. Click here to order Account Pro

    KioskWatch allows you to monitor and manage your kiosks from anywhere in the world. Receive alert notification about problematic issues, and reports important information about each kiosk. More information on KioskWatch

    Centralized accounting system
      All data is stored for 45 days, this means you can process credit cards off line, track kiosks usages over a months period, and create monthly reports based on revenues, usages, and access codes.

    Maintain and view accounts
    View accounts created, and usages of these accounts. Create new accounts with Account pro, and give customers the ability to recharge their existing accounts. Track account usages through your kiosk network, and monitor which locations are most active.

    Maintains account balances for future use
       Allow customers to keep their account balances. Accounts are never deleted, so customers can always have active accounts, and use them anywhere in your kiosk network.
    Uses magnetic cards
       Create access codes with account pro, or create magnetic cards using our MSR 106 Reader/Encoder. Make more revenue selling these cards to locations, and make it easier for customers to remember their accounts.
    Auto-replenishment - automatically add value
       Create accounts that have minutes added daily/weekly/monthly. Great for employees at locations.
    Extended data storage available
       Extended storage for kiosk data is available for 1 year apon request.
    Issue refunds
       With the creation of access codes you the the ability to issue access codes to customers for kiosk related issues, or to recharge accounts with extra minutes
    Increase kiosk usage
       Kiosks that allow customers are known to generate more revenues, usages, and return customers.
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