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View real time financial information
Know up to the minute how much revenue each kiosk is generating.

Access codes
Create access codes for sale, or allow customers to save time to use at any location.

Kiosk usages
View all kiosk usages, as well as payment types and accounts used/created.

  • Increased revenues
  • Track financial information
  • Bonus time features
  • Stored balances
  • Reduces maintenance
  • A current email address is required for you to get a conformation email. If this email address is not valid, you may not be able to login to webstats at all.

    Please include a phone number we can contact you at if any problems arise. Passwords must be between 6 and 10 characters long.

    Please remember that this new password is ONLY for Accessing WebStats and Kiosk Watch. You will still use your existing validation code with Netstop for registering Kiosks.

    Please fill out the following form to request a new password to use with WebStats.
    New Password:   
    Verify Password:   
    Email Address:   

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